Welcome to Heart of the Earth


We create natural vibrational healing essences for people and pets.


Inspired by nature we offer a lovingly created range of vibrational essences, for you and your pets. Our vibrational essences are all hand crafted by a master herbalist and healer to bring you the most caring and balanced healing experience. The aim of our essences is to support you or your pet through every day emotional challenges with the intention of bringing the mind, body and soul back in to harmony and balance.

  • Good Vibrations - Helping you to feel and be the best you can
  • Release - Assisting you to let go of feelings that you no longer need
  • Furry Friends - Help for your pets when they need emotional support and rescue

We also offer personally made essences, especially created for you or your pet.

All our essences are made using the purest water, the energies of crystals, flowers, positive intention, a meditative channelled mind and sound vibration harmonics. Our essences are preserved in *organic cider vinegar, then bottled in glass.

*Organic cider vinegar has enormous health benefits of its own so you get a double dose of goodness, this also makes our essences alcohol free.