Furry Friends Essences


For those who are fortunate enough to share their lives with pets, you will know very well that pets are not just animals, they are our friends! These furry friends who most generously allow us to share their lives have emotions too, they can benefit just as much from our vibrational essences too. We have crafted a range of vibrational essences. Whether your pet is furry or feathery this range of essences offers effective support. They gently address and heal the underlying emotions, bringing positive change to the feelings that cause eccentric behaviour.

If there is something you feel your pet or animal is struggling with, we can create an individual essence especially for your beloved furry friend.

Our essences are preserved in organic cider vinegar which also has healing benefits. For pets it has the added bonus of repelling fleas, ticks and other parasites. Just add to your pets food or water, dosage suggestions come with each essence.

Don't Be Scared

30ml £9.50

All sorts of things can cause your pet to feel fearful - fireworks are of course something that many animals fear, thunderstorms is another. Loud music, lots of new people in the house and big changes in living circumstances including jealousy of new arrivals. In fact there are many things that can cause our pets to feel fearful or anxious and just because it is not something that has frightened us, does not mean that it has not upset our pet in some way. Fear and anxiety can be shown in many ways by animals including trying to hide in strange places, aggression, peeing in the wrong place and generally behaving in an odd way. It is not always possible to remove the cause of the fear or indeed to know what it is so this essence has been created with that in mind. The intention is to bring the animal back into a feeling of safety and security, that all is well in the world and it is safe to continue with life as normal, despite the presence of something scary in the world!

Home Alone

30ml £9.50

There are times in life when we need to leave our furry family in the care of others or indeed, just pop to the shops for a few hours. What we sometimes do not understand is that our furry friends will miss us! They pine and worry that we will not come back. Some can go into a state of depression if left in kennels or with an animal sitter whilst we go on holiday. To you, it may be that you are just popping to the shops for a couple of hours, to your left behind pet, you have gone and may never return! This can cause a wide variety of symptoms with unwanted toilet habits, destructive behaviour and sadness being some of the more visible ones. Another important point is that the majority of animals have been separated from their mummy at far too young an age and this can cause huge feelings of despair that may carry on through an animals life. This essence aims to deal with all of those feelings of sadness, loss and loneliness. It is a “Mummy and Daddy will come back” essence! It brings the energy of safety and comfort, the one where all is as it should be and everyone is in their right place.

I Am The Boss

30ml £9.50

Most of us with pets understand that animals generally have some sort of pack mentality and that a pack needs to have a leader and a hierarchy. Sometimes though, an animal feels the need to assert its authority with other members of the household or environment and can be confused about its place in the pack. Sometimes things can happen to unbalance an animals place, particularly when there is a new baby in the house, a new fur sibling or any change in living arrangement, this can cause problems inside and outside of the house. Any kind of dominant or aggressive behaviour needs to be looked at by an animal behaviour expert and we strongly suggest that as a first port of call. However, this essence is created with the intention of bringing in a feeling of safety and security so that this sort of behaviour is not so necessary. It encourages a feeling of peace and calm, a feeling of I want to be a lover not a fighter.

I'm Always Hungry

30ml £9.50

Not all animals will eat everything they are given, indeed some just pick at their food until they are sufficiently full and then will leave the rest. Unfortunately, there are also animals at the opposite end of the scale from that! Particularly those who are rescue animals and have had a period of their lives where food was lacking. Even though life may have changed hugely for them and they are guaranteed two meals per day, they still will scavenge for every last crumb in the house including raiding the fridge and cupboards! Also eating things that they really should not eat, including the cat litter tray and its contents!! The intention of this essence is to help the animal to understand that food will always be forthcoming, that there is no lack and a full belly is assured every day.

I Miss You

30ml £9.50

When another member of an animal’s family has gone, it can take a long time for those left behind to adjust. It may be that a fellow furry friend has moved on, or one of the human members of the family has left. Whichever the situation, it can leave animals feeling depressed and grief stricken with nobody to understand or explain in animal language. With this in mind, we have created this essence to bring comfort and love to an animal who is filled with sadness and grief for those who are no longer in their life, it helps to allow them to move on and find once again happiness, joy and bouncing.


30ml £9.50

In my humble opinion, I would have to say that a degree of naughtiness in a pet is actually what makes them who they are and who am I to want to change a personality, for indeed, animals have such amazing and varied personalities we would not want to quash anything that makes them the furry being that we love. However...... there are times and situations where naughty behaviour is just not acceptable. When an animal repeatedly does the same naughty things and despite being reprimanded just continues to behave badly with no learning curve - biting, stealing, going to the loo in the wrong place, obsessive and destructive behaviour, continuous barking and naughtiness! That is the time for this essence, it brings a calming influence to help break naughty behaviour patterns and restore peace to your environment and to your chewed shoes!

Rescue for Rescue

30ml £9.50

As many of you with rescue animals know, although it is the most beautiful and generous hearted thing to do, to open your heart and home to an abused and unloved animal, this can also bring trauma of its own and can leave all parties feeling confused and upset. A rescued animal can live in fear of its situation changing, of being hurt or shouted at, it can find it really hard to settle into a new home and can be terrified that it has done the wrong thing, is in the wrong place and just generally does not fit in. This essence is a cuddle in a bottle for those darling animals who are struggling to adjust to their wonderful new home. For us, it may seem obvious that the animal can relax now and feel safe, but for the animal, it can take a long time for this to become clear, sometimes this never happens and an animal can carry these feelings throughout life. The aim of this essence therefore is to assist speed the feelings of safety and belonging that an animal may need, a feeling of security and the ability to relax and feel at home.

Timid Little Mouse

30ml £9.50

Some animals are timid through fear and it is good to try to work out why your animal may be behaving in this way, like any natural healing method, these essences can peel off the layers of emotion to see what is underneath of the current behaviour. This essence links quite closely with the one for fear but also covers different issues. For animals that are very shy, hide away from contact with humans and or other animals it may not be because of fear, it could be genuine shyness or a need to hide away, perhaps through shame. Many rescue animals I see have this timidity and even after losing their fears continue to display this timid behaviour. This essence has the intention of bringing an animal out of its shell and allowing its unique furry personality to shine through, from timid little mouse to big brave lion!

Your Personal Essence

30ml £14.00

As we are all different, sometimes there is nothing better than a personalised essence for your pet. We can do this for them, if you tell us how they are behaving, what issues they need to clear and how you would like them to feel. The more information you can give us the more personalised their essence will be, feel free to send a photo if you wish so we can tune into your pets energy. All instructions are read by only Debs or I and will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence, so feel free to let it flow! After you have checked out through paypal please email us with your requirements.